Sunday, 20 October 2013

Welcome to My Kingdom

Salam to all readers of my blog =D

Hai, Im Mohd Faiz Fateh from Kolej Professional MARA Indera Mahkota. I'm a DECOM student and im enjoying my program to its fullest... (if u know what i mean)

This is my knowledge sharing Blog that i created for my lecturer,  Madam Nur Nubailah, that teaches me the subject Digital and Mobile Communication.

The purpose of this blog is to illustrate a change in the way Malays nowadays see themselves. Not all of the Malays know about their own origins. Yet, they are lost to how amazing their race is.

Here is the objectives to my Blog :

  • To introduce the Malay origin and specialty to the whole nation.
  • To identify the ancestries of the Malayan race and create an acknowledgement to the readers.
  • To know about the uniqueness of Malay culture.
  • To gain more information about Malay history in order to apprehend any misunderstood gen on the Malay race.
  • To identify the moral values of the Malay people.

In this Blog, you can also learn about :

  • Qatrah.
  • The Kingdom of Ayuthia.
  • Travelling the Globe.
  • Arts of War.
  • Malay Fashion. 
       Thanks for reading my blog, if there is any suggestion, any comments or any ideas, feel free to comment on my blog!

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