The first person to ever roamed the 7 seas was Panglima Awang!

Has anyone ever wondered that who was the first human expedition around the world? I guess not if all what we see if the claims of the Westerners in stating that everything is only done by them. They are the first to do this, they are the first to do that. But seriously, after reading about the history of Panglima Awang, I was amazed on how deceitful history can be without having a proper research.

This is Harun Aminurrashid

The person in the picture is Harun Aminurrashid, the writer of the book Panglima Awang. In this book, it tells many stories about the travels of Panglima Awang and how he managed to learn multiple languages and many other great skills in life. 

This video is about a play made by a group of people recreating the history of Panglima Awang. Even from this, we could learn a lot by understanding the gist of this play.

Here are some links to help you with Panglima Awang :

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