Based on this video, we could learn that how great our Malay Kingdom is, we are by far one of the most influential kingdoms in the past but sadly that history was banished!

In the past, Ayuthia was known as one of the great Islamic kingdom. Siam, Tanah Melayu, Burma, Jawa, Acheh, Bugis, Singapore, Langkasuka, India, China and a lot more of these kingdoms were under the control of the Ayuthian Kingdom.

Sultan Mad Zafar Syah III Ibni Tuanku Muhamad Syah went to Ayuthia and he was known there as
Rama Tibodi I @ U Thong. He went to China and became Emperor Yuan's son in law then he went to Rom to learn in detail about the Islamic Religion. He is King Mandalika as in-scripted on the "Batu Bersurat" in Terengganu. Besides that, He was also the one who built 'Masjid Papan" in Mandalay, Myanmar during the Islamic reign of Toung OO. The "Batu Bersurat" was removed/hidden and thrown into the river because Thai was going to destroy the proof of Islam reigning over that kingdom around the year 1800-1900.

All of these claims can be proof from the book recovered by our fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. This book was taken back from the British National Library during our Prime Minister's visit in that country.

The Book "Undang-Undang Kedah"

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