This Is Cik Siti Wan Kembang, Not Qatrah.


Based on my readings, I understand that the meaning of Malay is mountain. They used to be known as the mountain tribe. This mountain tribe is a legend that was lost in history and not much resources can be found about these people. But after continuous research, it is known that the Mountain Tribe originated from Nabi Ibrahim A.S. after being married to his third wife named Siti Keturah / Qeturah.

In some resources, it is scripted that Keturah was married to Nabi Ibrahim A.S after Sarah's death. Through marriage, gave birth to six sons, Zimran, Jokshan, Medan, Midian, Shuah and Ishbak.

According to the narration of Ibn Athir in his book, Al-Kamil fil Tarikh , including the Malay Nusantara lineage came directly from Nabi Ibrahim A.S and his marriage with Keturah.

According to Ibn Yusuf's  entries in the book "Permata yang Hilang", stating that it is quite possible that the Malay word derived from the word Malai-Ur, the birthplace of Nabi Ibrahim A.S which is the Chaldean kingdom. There is also the opinion states that the word Melayu originated from the word Malai and Yunan.

The Arabs tend to call the Malays as Bani Jawi as for them, the Malays are their distant relatives. The Malai / Malay may have inhabited Cambodia before Nabi Ibrahim's arrival in that kingdom, and it is almost certainly is that Qanturah is a Malaian race.

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